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Realizer V4.50 build 64 is released

A new version of Realizer is available. This version contains several small bug fixes and improves...


Welcome to the home of Actum Solutions

Actum Solutions specializes in the development, sales, and support of tools that make it easy to use embedded micro-controllers.


Main products

Realize it with Realizer!

Our flagship product is Realizer, a unique tool that automatically generates highly-optimized object code for a wide variety of popular micro-controllers. With Realizer, coding for a micro-controller is a simple, three-step process:

  1. “Wire together” a schematic diagram of the logical flow of your program, choosing from a rich set of symbols. No need to know assembly language!
  2. With a click of your mouse, generate the code, with another click, print the documentation!
  3. Load the code into the micro-controller. You're done!

Realizer can also generate C-code to run on general purpose processors using a special virtual machine.

Realizer's features include:

  • Hardware-independent symbols that generate optimal code for the target controller
  • Interactive simulation based on the block schematic diagram you develop
  • Easy change of target controller: no more vendor lock-in!

Other products

As a spin-off from Realizer, Actum Solutions has developed a series of additional products that make life easier for embedded software engineers.