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Welcome to the home of Actum Solutions

Actum Solutions specializes in the development, sales, and support of tools that make it easy to use embedded micro-controllers.

Main products

Realize it with Realizer!

Our flagship product is Realizer, a unique tool that automatically generates highly-optimized object code for a wide variety of popular micro-controllers. With Realizer, coding for a micro-controller is a simple, three-step process:
  1. “Wire together” a schematic diagram of the logical flow of your program, choosing from a rich set of symbols. No need to know assembly language!
  2. With a click of your mouse, generate the code, with another click, print the documentation!
  3. Load the code into the micro-controller. You're done!

Realizer can also generate C-code to run on general purpose processors using a special virtual machine.

Realizer's features include:
  • Hardware-independent symbols that generate optimal code for the target controller
  • Interactive simulation based on the block schematic diagram you develop
  • Easy change of target controller: no more vendor lock-in!

Other products

As a spin-off from Realizer, Actum Solutions has developed a series of additional products that make life easier for embedded software engineers.

Welcome to the home of Actum Solutions