Where we come from

Actum Solutions created its original product, Realizer, in 1991. To this day, Realizer is still our flagship product. From the very beginning, Realizer was intended as a tool for:


enabling them to create software without the knowledge of micro-controller details

Electronics professionals:

faster time to market with high quality software

Pure electronics:

make the electronics work without having to "wait for the software guys"

The picture below shows a 1992 article on Realizer in the famous European electronics magazine, Elektor. Although Elektor is often considered a "hobbyist's magazine", in practice it has been a source of inspiration for many electronic professionals.

How we got here

In the beginning, we aimed to develop products to help program both micro-controllers and PLC's (industrial automation equipment). But, quite soon we discovered, as the old saying has it, that the cobbler needs to stick to his last. So decided to concentrate on what was near to our hearts and focus only on micro-controllers.

We went to the silicon manufacturers and built cooperative relationships with them. They got good tools for their micro-controllers, extending their market reach, and we got new customers and increased exposure. To this day we maintain close relationships with the world's leading micro-controller vendors.