Existing customers

As you may have noticed, we are in the middle of updating our new website. If you are an existing customer, we kindly ask you to send us your username and license number.
We will then check your information and lift your status from Friend to Customer. After that, you are able to access much more information, including the V4.3 software.

Installing a new version

In order to be able to use the new V4.3 software you need to update your license. Registered users will soon receive an offer to do so by e-mail.
Customers who have bought a new license (or updated to V4.20) less than 3 months ago, will receive an update for free.

Keeping older versions at hand

When you have received a new version, it is possible to use the older version. To be able to do this you need at least:
the old installation files (on the CD that we shipped to you, or as you once downloaded from our site),
the file named "Realizer.set"

Soon we will add new information about the ability to have 2 versions installed on the same computer.

Multiple versions on the same computer

Each new version (release) of Realizer uses its own unique settings file (Realizer.set). This allows you to use different versions of Realizer on the same computer. When installing your new version of Realizer, be sure to use a different directory, otherwise the older release of Realizer will be overwritten.
So when your older version is located in "C:\Program files\Realizer Gold", and you have updated to V4.3, then install the new version in "C:\Program files\Realizer Gold V430".
Doing so, the two installs differ then in terms of version. This technique can also be used when licenses have different target modules.
Be aware that the project files of Realizer are only downwards compatible. Once opened in a newer version of Realizer, the project may not be worked with in the older version.

Still under construction

For the time being, we can help you by providing links to documents that were available on our previous (older) web site.
We are working on new and revised versions of these documents.