Beverage dispencer

In the Schematic is shown the State machine of a beverage dispencer and the working of the machine.

When a coin is inserted in the machine there will be a cup dropped, after that the user needs to press a button which have the choices None, Sugar or OnlyMilk. When one of these buttons is pressed the (Additives detection) will take action, and suger of milk will be dropped. When the Additive is dropped the cup will fill with coffee for a period of time. The period of filling the cup is manually entered by the programmer.


The following figure shows the beverage machine in the Realizer simulator the pourtime (time to fil a cup stands on 100) there is no coin input so the state machine has the output STANDBY if a coin is entered the state machine starts working, and follows the path to the end at CUPFULL


Prepared for devices: ST6200C ST7FLite10 PIC12F508 PIC16F88 other devices can be used by reconnecting I/O pins.