LCD Display

This example uses a standard Hitachi HD44780 8 bit LCD display and the SC72: a handy evaluation board by IBB.


The main scheme uses a state machine for initialisation and writing line 1 and line 2. The subscheme contain the init, line1 and line2. The real writing to the LCD happens in another subscheme which is called by all these three subschemes. The testcounter and devide by 10 generates some random data to show on the LCD input value and error. The state machine takes care of the refresh of line1.


The init clocks 6 initialisation values to the LCD. A table and a counter is used.


This scheme generates line 1 of the LCD. A few fixed and 4 random gererated variables are connected to the subsymbol.


This scheme generates line 2 of the LCD, only fixed values here.


Prepared for device: ST72F521 other devices possible by reconnecting I/O pins.