Pricing of license changes

The following table shows the pricing for updates, upgrades and extensions.

License Changes

Article # Description Price (€)

Updates (to a later version)
RG-LU Realizer Gold Large Update (V3.x to V4.5) 795
RG-SU Realizer Gold Small Update (V4.x to V4.5) 397.50
RGT-LU Realizer Gold Large Update for target (V3.x to V4.5) 397.50
RGT-SU Realizer Gold Small Update for target (V4.x to V4.5)
RS-LU Realizer Silver Large Update (v3.x to v4.5)
RS-SU Realizer Silver Small Update (v4.00 to v4.5)
RST-LU Realizer Silver extra target Large Update (v3.x to v4.5)
RST-SU Realizer Silver extra target Small Update (v4.00 to v4.5) 111.25

Extensions (to add an extra Target Module)
RGT-xxx Extra target-module for Realizer Gold 795
RST-xxx Extra target-module for Realizer Silver 445

Upgrades (have more functionality)
RS-RG Realizer Silver to Realizer Gold Upgrade 700
RST-RGT Realizer Silver Target to Realizer Gold Target Upgrade 350

Discount on goods when payment is done in advance by bank 5%


Shipping & handling inside Netherlands 15
Shipping & handling outside Netherlands, inside EC 45
Shipping & handling outside EC 75

Taxes inside EC, when not supplying VAT number 21 %
Taxes inside EC, when supplying VAT number 0 %
Taxes outside EC 0 %