More and more products need to be serviced or updated in the field. Also, control modules inside products may use different software functionality during the production phases.

The FP100 can be used to load or change the software of a control unit. It programs the control modules using the ICP/ISP function (In-Circuit Programming) that many micro-controller nowadays provide.

Examples of these micro-controllers are the ST72xxx series from STMicroelectronics®.

The FP100 (FP stands for Field Programmer) can be used in 2 modes:

Wired Mode

This is the older and well-known way of programming. The FP is connected between the desktop PC and the target module. Using a desktop dialogue the software is transferred to (i.e.: programmed into) the target module. All user interface is done through the desktop PC.

The following picture illustraties this mode:

Detached mode

This mode can also be referred to as the: "Load-Walk-Program"- mode. The process is the following:
  • Connect the FP100 to the desktop PC (USB-bus).
  • Load software into FP100.
  • Walk to the workbench or machine with the FP100.
  • Program the software into target module.

In this mode the FP100 is used to program numerous target modules without any interaction with the desktop PC. This mode is very interesting to send over software revisions to other places around the world.
The user just plugs in the 10 pin socket and pushes the button.

Move your software from desk to target with the FP100!
The following picture illustrates this: