FP100 Field programmer

The FP100 Field Programmer is used to transfer object code from a desktop PC to an ST7 series micro-controller. Object code is typically the output of programming tools like Realizer, a compiler or an assembler.

Main characteristics

  • Programmer for ICP and ISP compatible products
  • Programs ST72xx series of controller
  • Direct programming mode
  • Load, Walk, Use programming mode
Operates on the supply of either the USB or the target module (no external power needed)

Load, walk and Use mode of operation

The FP100 addresses the difficulty many engineers face when a new version of software needs to be installed into a machine.
For example, how would you transfer your latest software version from your development desk....

into the control board of an excavator like this...

Logic dictates that there are 3 possibilities:
  • move the engineer
  • move the machine
  • unroll an extension cord
Now there is an alternative: FP100!