Realize it, with realizer

Realizer is a unique tool than enables you to design and develop software for micro-controllers without any knowledge of assembly language. You can concentrate on what you want to do, rather than how to do it. A Realizer design process is quite simple:

  1. Draw a functional schematic (i.e., logical flow chart) using a rich set of predefined symbols.
  2. Select a target micro-controller.
  3. Connect the I/O.
  4. Generate the code and its associated documentation.
Before generating the program code, the schematic is thoroughly checked for design errors. The result is highly-optimized, error-free code that can directly be loaded into the target micro-controller.

Realizer Features and Benefits

Maintains a high level of abstraction throughout the design cycle

Concentrate on what you want to do, rather than how to do it! Realizer enables you to take your understanding of product functionality, and turn it directly into code without any knowledge of assembly language. Design time is reduced by up to 80%!

Automatically generates optimal program code for your chosen micro-controller

Realizer generates code optimized for the target micro-controller, based on years of field experience and optimization by Actum Solutions experts. You can concentrate on product functionality rather than code optimization.

Extensive library of symbols efficiently implemented in assembly language

The functional symbols Realizer makes available to you are based on many years of experience with the target micro-controllers, along with extensive customer feedback. Each target has a rich set of thoroughly-tested symbols available, supporting rapid product development and testing.

Built-in design rule checks

Realizer's object-oriented design makes extensive use of inheritance to support functions like automatic type checking on symbol pins (e.g., inputs and outputs), helping you avoid costly errors and speeding development.

Easy change of target controller

You can easily re-use code, upgrade your product's functionality as new micro-controllers become available, and avoid lock-in to one supplier

Built-in symbol editor for creation of new symbols

You can extend the functionality of Realizer libraries for your specific needs, thus increasing your productivity and speeding time to market for your products.

Self-documenting code

Push a button, get the code, push another button, and print the documentation! Well-documented code is essential for maintaining a product throughout its life cycle. With Realizer, you can get detailed documentation of the code with a few clicks of the mouse.

Built-in simulator with performance reporting

Realizer lets you iteratively test your design using the same schematic you used to create it. Effortlessly switch between a functional (state diagram) and pin-level (hardware) view of your design, easily apply new test conditions and step through program functions, create and use test vectors for efficient quality assurance testing.

Realizer Models

There are three Realizer models: Gold, Silver and Bronze. The Bronze model was specially created for evaluation purposes, and may be downloaded for free, through this page. A separate table compares the three models.

A Realizer license actually consist of a general part (the schematic editor, simulator and analyzer) and a code generating part, which we call the Target Module.

Besides Realizer, we carry several special products based on Realizer technology.

Realize it, with realizer