CAN Plug-in

There has been a growing need for distributed intelligent systems. One implementation of such a system is the application of micro-controllers and CAN-bus. As the automotive industry has proven, CAN is the perfect protocol to connect micro-controllers in a network. For the ST72 and STM8 series of micro-controllers a plug-in is developed with which users can use the CAN bus in their Realizer environment. The designer can implement CAN-communication in just a few steps:
  1. Select the CAN plug-in in the Realizer project,
  2. create the Realizer Globals File, in this file all the CAN ID's used in the network are defined,
  3. connect the CAN symbols to the defined CAN ID's,
  4. analyze the project.
At this moment we have a CAN plug-in specially designed for:
  • STM8S20x,
  • ST72F521,
  • combination of ST7 with SPI and Infineon SAE81C91.
Other possibilities with the Realizer CAN plug-in are:
  • Sending remote frames
    With this option, the module will send a message to update all CAN variables at start-up,
  • Respond to remote frames
    Sending CAN output values when a remote frame is received,
  • Use relative CAN ID's
    When different modules with the same software have to be implemented into the network, a selector switch connected to the microcontroller can define CAN ID's. The designer only has to define CAN identifiers for the first module.
The advantages of the CAN plug-in are:
  • no difficult settings,
  • with the Realizer CAN plug-in setting up a CAN network will be very easy.
Please contact us for more details.

EEPROM through SPI or I2C

Some micro-controllers do not have on-chip EEPROM. When you really need EEPROM in your design, the hardware solution would be to add an external EEPROM device to either SPI or I 2C. Although this is a specific solution, Realizer can still be used by means of an Add-on library. Please contact us for more details.