Realizer Prices

The table shown here shows the article codes, description and prices of the various products. Currently we are shipping V4.5.

Article # Description Price (€)

Realizer Gold Model
RG-ST62 Realizer Gold for ST62 series 1590
RG-ST72 Realizer Gold for ST72 series 1590
RG-STM8 Realizer Gold for STM8 series 1590
RG-PIC12B Realizer Gold for PIC12F50x, PIC16F5x series 1590
RG-PIC14B Realizer Gold for PIC16F6x, PIC16F7x, PIC16F8x series 1590
RG-C Realizer Gold for ANSI C 1590
RGT-xxx Extra target-module for Realizer Gold 795

Realizer Silver Model
RS-ST62 Realizer Silver for ST62 series 890
RS-ST72 Realizer Silver for ST72 series 890
RS-STM8 Realizer Silver for STM8 series 890
RS-PIC12B Realizer Silver for PIC12F50x, PIC16F5x series 890
RS-PIC14B Realizer Silver for PIC16F6x, PIC16F7x, PIC16F8x series 890
RS-C Realizer Silver for ANSI C 890
RST-xxx Extra target-module for Realizer Silver 445

Discount on goods when payment is done in advance by bank -5%


Shipping & handling inside Netherlands 15
Shipping & handling outside Netherlands, inside EC 45
Shipping & handling outside EC 75

Taxes inside EC, when not supplying VAT number 21 %
Taxes inside EC, when supplying VAT number 0 %
Taxes outside EC 0 %

Changes to licenses

Updating results in a newer model of the same product (E.g.: V4.1 -> V4.3). An Upgrade is the change from the Silver model to the Gold model. Extending is is the addition of an extra Target Module to your license. A separate table shows you the pricing for these license changes.

Multiple Licenses (site licenses)

For sites that use more than one license, we offer interesting discounts. These discounts are made available when you are able to log in as an Actum customer.