ST-Realizer II

ST-Realizer II is a limited version of Actum Solutions' Realizer product for the ST62 and ST72 series of micro-controllers. ST-Realizer II is distributed by ST Microelectronics. Due to this marketing choice, extensive and personal end-user support is limited to this web site. You can find all kind of information on this site that pertains to ST-Realizer II as well. This includes FAQ's, examples and application notes. Please register your version of ST-Realizer with us and become a member of the continuously growing group of Realizer users. Enjoy the full benefit of all features of Realizer and upgrade your ST-Realizer II to an original Actum Solutions’ Realizer product. By buying Realizer from Actum Solutions you will be able to:

  • Achieve more with smaller microcontrollers, because of sophisticated memory optimisations (Realizer Gold)
  • Make your application run faster than you ever thought possible because of exceptional speed optimisations (Realizer Gold)
  • Be more productive by using Realizer’s improved user interface (all models)
  • Obtain support from the experts who created Realizer (all models)

MRS-Realizer II

One of our partners is MRS Electronic GmbH. MRS uses Realizer extensively and resells a special model of Realizer together with its products. May of their customers in the automotive area use MRS-Realizer II to program small modules using a block diagram. Using a CAN-bus these diagrams are able to communicate with each other. For more details, see this link.


Flexicontrol is a brandname under which a modern, and really flexible building automation system is sold. One of the key features is that each node is programmable using a block schematic diagram.
This block diagram is, of course, created using a special model of Realizer: FC-Realizer.