Realizer Target Modules

A Realizer Target Module is the part of a Realizer license that generates the code for a specific family of micro-controllers. Currently, Realizer supports the following series of micro-controllers directly:

Target Module Description
ST62 Supporting members of the ST's ST6-family of devices
ST72 Supporting members of the ST's ST7-family of devices
STM8 Supporting members of the ST's STM8-family of devices
PIC12 Supporting members of Microchip's 12 bit instruction word devices
PIC14 Supporting members of Microchip's 14 bit instruction word devices
Direct support means that the output of Realizer can be loaded into the controller directly: it is object code compatible. Click here for a list of all devices supported.

Other target modules

In addition to these, Realizer also offers Target Modules that generate higher-level program code:
  • ANSI-C code
  • RVM-code (Realizer Virtual Machine)

Yours not found?

If you don't find your favorite micro-controller in these lists, please contact us. We may be working on a Target Module for that device.