ST-Realizer II

This page is a special entry on the website created for users of ST-Realizer II. It will provide information specially for users of ST-Realizer II. To be of service to the Realizer users, we have developed examples for Realizer. And of course we are still creating more examples to explain the functionality of Realizer. All examples have been designed for special microcontrollers. When you are not able to use the microcontroller the example has been designed for, please choose another microcontroller and reconnect the I/O.

Because you are a user of ST-Realizer II, we would like to inform you about our products Realizer Silver and Realizer Gold. Just browse through our website and find all the information you need. Be sure to register yourselves as Friend. After registering we kindly ask you to send your username and license number using the support e-mail form on this website. We will then check your information and lift your status from Friend to ST-Realizer User. After that, you are able to access much more information.

The latest version of ST-Realizer II is v4.10. Other downloads or service packs can be found in the download area.

When you upgrade your ST-Realizer II package to the full Realizer functionality with three months of free support, we provide 10% discount on a new license!