Sub scheme

Here you learn how to create a sub scheme. A sub scheme is used:
  • To keep the main scheme clean.
  • A part of the scheme is used more than once.
  • To periodic execute a part of the code (on input change, periodic time or processor interrupt)
To create a new sub scheme Right click on the scheme and choose New Symbol.

Enter a Symbol name and choose the number of inputs and outputs. Press Next to change the names of the input pins and Next for the output pins
Your new symbol looks like below, now it is possible to change the size or adjust the position of the pins.

Close and save this window.
The new made symbol can be placed by opening the 'local symbol library' The main.sch appears and select the new made symbol (3digit)

Create a sub scheme

Place the new symbol and enter the name for the scheme. Double click the new symbol to the create a new empty scheme.
The warning appears: this sub scheme does not contain the port In en Out signals for the connection with the main scheme. Because its empty of course.

Place I/O Pins

Place the portin and portout symbols from the Main library, Hierachial sheet. The names must match the names of the pins.

Execution conditions

It is possible to execute the subscheme under special circumstances. Right click the scheme and select 'execution conditions'

For an example using sub schemes: Central Heating Control