Using the simulator

A Realizer scheme can be tested by loading it in the simulator. Here a step by step guide how to use it.
First open the schematic in Realizer and analyse (F11). Here we use the Alarm Control

Start the simulator (F12)

Create a new project in the Simulator: File-New-Simulation environment.

Choose a filename and save the project (.sef)

Now your scheme is opened in the simulator:

Second view: pin level

It is possible to change the view from schematic to pin level. Options-Simulate-Simulation mode (pin level or functional)

Probes and adjusters

To measure outputs and adjust inputs we have tools:
Adjuster: Nummeric (boolean), sine wave, square wave, time table, nummeric (analog)

Probes: nummeric, oscilloscope, state machine.

Place the probes

Now place probes by selecting the wire where the probe or adjuster is needed.

Place probes, pin level

Adding probes at pin level works the same:

Start simulation

Start the simulation (F11) and toggle the inputs by clicking and see what happens.