Windscreen whiper

This is a one input windscreen whiper system with adjustable interval. When the switch is turned on the system measures the on time and when turned off the off time. When the switch is turned on again the recorded on and off time is played back.


On the left the WhipeSwitch input and left the Whiper output and control led's. The systems uses two state machines, one for measurement of the time and one for operation mode. There are two small subschemes (Adjust and Operate) because they consists of the same schemes.


The first sub scheme, a counter measures the time.


The operation time is measured. There is another type of counter used, one with Pval (Pre-set value). This is an adjustable preset, set by Pr.


Prepared for device: ST6200, ST72101G1, PIC16F509, PIC16F84 other devices possible by reconnecting I/O pins.